April 7 marks World Health Day, which this year takes on special meaning while the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic. Since 1950 the World Health Organization has used this day to highlight a specific health-related topic to bring awareness to the world. This year’s theme is the contributions of nurses and midwives – recognizing their contributions to keeping the world healthy.

Paper bags used to store masks during Covid-19

WCI is a proud supplier to those who serve in the medical industry. While many view paper bags as primarily grocery or retail bags – paper bags actually have specialized uses in hospitals, pharmacies and mental health facilities. In fact, right now, thousands of our merchandise and SOS bags are storing PPE for doctors and nurses in Emergency rooms nationwide. That’s something we didn’t foresee, but paper bags have many benefits that make them ideal for medical purposes.

The benefits of paper bags include:

  • Porous – paper bags are porous and breathable, making them ideal for storing items where bacteria can breed. Plastic bags lock moisture in, creating an environment where bacteria can breed.
  • Recyclable – paper bags are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.
  • Strong – paper bags come in a variety of basis weights so they can be strong enough to hold large and bulky items.
  • Sustainable – paper is a sustainable and comes from trees, a renewable resource.

Trash Can Liners – Mental health facilities and psychiatric hospitals have been using these specially designed paper trash bags in patient rooms and common areas in order to meet JCAHO regulations for patient safety. Made from treated, water-resistant paper, these paper bags are breathable and replace plastic bags where suffocation risk may be a factor.

Stock sizes of Sani-Liner®:

  • 14 Quart (12” x 8” x 14”)
  • 27 Quart (17” x 9”x 17”)

Custom Printed Pharmacy Paper BagsWCI also manufactures other products used for medical and pharmaceutical purposes:

  • Pharmacy (Rx) Bags – Pharmacies use paper bags to package prescriptions for clients to take home. They are used to package over-the-counter goods as well.
  • Dispensary Bags – Like pharmacies, dispensaries use paper bags to package their prescription or recreational items for customers to carry home.
  • Custom Medical Bags – Call today about custom packaging options including specialty papers or custom sizes.

Call us today to learn more about ordering Sani-Liner® for your medical facility or to discuss your custom medical packaging needs. Paper bags might just be what the doctor ordered!