You provide the challenge - we'll provide the solution

Opportunity: A leading packaging distributor was working on a promotional bag for a national pizza chain. The end user was running a promotion which required a custom bag size – and they were on a tight deadline. From initiation to completion, WCI was able to quote, coordinate specifics with the distributor and end user, and manufacture the bags for on-time delivery.

Goal: Manufacture a custom-sized, printed SOS bag that meets customer specifications for size, printing, quality standards, and delivery time.


  • Quoting competitively and promptly to ensure our distributor landed the job
  • Communicating with distributor and end-user graphics departments to make necessary adjustments, assuring a quality printed product
  • Expediting proofs and ink drawdowns for customer approval
  • Coordinating the project internally to ensure manufacturing and shipping for on-time delivery

Outcome: Our customer was able to “wow” their client with a bag that was the right size, looked great, and was (most importantly) on time for their promotion.

Opportunity: CertainTeed, a fiberglass manufacturer, required a bag that would provide an abrasion-resistant cover for fiberglass spools used in the automotive and boat industries. These spools needed to be baked in an oven at high temperatures during the final step of their manufacturing process. This customer had been using a different type of material that no longer stood up to the temperatures required for curing. WCI worked with many different coating suppliers and experimented with coatings and applications to create a highly-engineered coated paper bag that would hold up during curing (at temperatures greater than 400 degrees) and prevent abrasion during shipping and storage.

Goal: Produce a product that would accommodate the sizes required and stand-up to high temperatures without melting or breaking down. The bag must also protect against abrasion during transportation and storage.

Outcome: WCI manufactured these coated bags for more than 10 years, until the fiberglass manufacturing process no longer required such a product.

Opportunity: Another manufacturer came to WCI when seasonal demand for their product exceeded their capacity and jeopardized their business with a high-volume customer. After testing and comparing quality standards and operational expectations, WCI was able to develop and run their product seamlessly. To ensure a well-coordinated effort and product continuity, the customer chose to provide paper, ink, and printing plates for manufacturing. We provided a time and cost-effective solution to allow this manufacturer the opportunity to continue seeking more business while maintaining high service levels to their customers.

Goal: To produce product to the specification and standards that need to be achieved in order to take on overflow work from another converting operation.


  • Testing to ensure customer-supplied paper, plates and ink would run properly
  • Modifying our machines to run according to customer specifications
  • Coordinating with customer to ensure final product matched their timeframe and quality expectations

Outcome: This customer continues to come to WCI for their overflow manufacturing. As a strategic partnership, this has proven to be mutually beneficial over the years.

Opportunity: In August 2010 a packaging distributor came to WCI after having little success with other converting operations. Their customer, a contract baker, needed a highly-engineered paper bag made from multiple substrates and coatings. After testing several substrates, WCI made recommendations to the paper manufacturer and worked directly with lamination suppliers to help create a unique packaging solution that was everything the customer hoped. In addition to helping in the paper planning process, we modified our current equipment in order to produce the product for the commercial contract food packaging market.

Goal: To produce an SOS bag from a highly-engineered paper with multiple substrates and coatings required by the end customer.


  • Testing various substrates to determine paper viability
  • Providing recommendations to paper manufacturer
  • Working directly with lamination vendors to help produce proper specifications
  • Providing quality assurance on incoming material from outside suppliers (including: quantity by weight, color verification and substrate structure)

Outcome: To the customer’s satisfaction, WCI has manufactured several different versions of this customer’s packaging. By providing a complete, start to finish, packaging solution for this market, we have solidified a relationship for years to come.