Our company mission and a promise to you, the customer

WCI provides environmentally responsible printed and plain packaging solutions in small to medium run quantities to distributors throughout North America.

Our corporate values represent the DNA of our organization. It is our intention to act in accordance with these values internally and externally – even when no one would know. This is who we are and how we operate as an organization:

  • We tell the truth.
  • We are fair and objective.
  • We respect the individual.
  • We strive for perfection.
  • We always do the right thing.
  • We accept responsibility.
  • We are a customer advocate and champion, focused on meeting and exceeding their expectations.
  • We encourage intellectual curiosity.
  • We hold ourselves and team members accountable to the plan.
  • We utilize data for problem resolution and to guide our decisions for the future.
  • We seek out and utilize technology to our advantage whenever and wherever possible.
  • We are focused in a culture that values results, driven by the individual's clear expectations consistent with the mission and vision of the organization.

WCI takes very seriously our commitment to being good stewards of the environment. In fact, the highest environmental award bestowed by the State of Wisconsin upon outstanding organizations, companies or municipalities is the John C. Brogan Environmental Award, named in honor of the owner of WCI. So needless to say, we make every effort to use high recycled-content paper to produce the wide variety of products for those customers who share our commitment to sound environmental practices.

We have sought out and aligned ourselves with some of the most respected and conservation-minded paper companies in North America. Most of the mills we purchase from subscribe to third-party certification from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for chain-of-custody and sales tracking systems relative to the origin of both recycled and virgin fiber.

Given the wide variety of products we manufacture, every product has a purpose and every purpose has a special need. Therefore, we match the end-use of the product with the appropriate paper to make it. Many of our products are made with 100% recycled fiber content. Some products, like our shipping bags, require extra strength and are a blend of recycled and virgin fiber.

Responsible purchasing practices for raw materials and cartons are only part of our commitment to the environment. Our production team has implemented LEAN manufacturing procedures and utilizes a SPEC ink mixing, dispensing, and storage system to more accurately calculate required ink and to reformulate work-off ink. Any ink not reformulated is mixed to black, entirely eliminating waste.

In addition, our facility uses ORION energy-efficient lighting – reducing energy and maintenance. Our team is also dedicated to recycling. We work with local recycling companies to recycle light bulbs, aluminum, office and manufacturing waste paper and waste oil. Paper-reducing strategies have been implemented for intra-office communications as well as marketing efforts, invoices and quotes.

For information regarding the fiber content of a specific product or to find out more about our environmental commitment, contact us at 800.544.1935 or email us at [email protected].

Thank you for your business!