Q:   How long does WCI store customer plates?
We keep customer plates on file for four years. After that they may be discarded. If you would like to have plates returned to you, please contact our customer service team.
Q:   How do I make changes to my proof?
You can print the proof, make the necessary changes on the printed copy, and then rescan and email back to us. Or print a copy of the proof, make the necessary changes on the proof, and fax it back. Or call us at the number on the Proof of Art Form.
Q:   How do I send artwork, logos and copy?
Artwork may be submitted via email. Send to: [email protected].
Q:   I don’t have the artwork in an electronic file form. What do I do?
There are a couple of options:

  1. Scan your art to create an electronic file and email it to us. Make sure to save the scan in the proper format so we can work with it.
  2. Mail us the artwork. We’ll scan your art for you. Call us if you have any questions. Send artwork to:
    Wisconsin Converting
    1689 Morrow St.
    Green Bay, WI 54302
    Please be sure to include your name and order number with your artwork. If you need the artwork returned, let us know at the time of the order.
Q:   I don’t have any artwork or logo but have an idea of what I want. Can you take my idea and make the art?
We have graphic artist that can transform your idea into the artwork we need to print your job. Call us to discuss what you want and we’ll get you a price for creating the artwork.
Q:   Can you pull my artwork or logo off my website?
Sorry, no we can’t. Web graphics are low resolution images and are not adequate for printing purposes. If we were to use your web graphics, the printed image would look fuzzy and pixilated, even though it may look fine on your computer screen. Refer to our Graphic Standards please.
Q:   What type of art files are acceptable for custom printed jobs?
Since we accept orders via e-mail, fax or delivered mail (USPS, UPS, etc) there are a number of options. Some customers also furnish films or the actual printing plates. Here are the options:

  1. Camera-ready mechanical or scanned (raster) digital images that do not have to be enlarged more than 150%.
  2. .004 right reading emulsion up negatives (RREU). Please do not furnish negatives for designs with screens/halftones.
  3. .112 photopolymer plates, .050 relief. Please do not furnish plates for designs with screens/ halftones.
  4. CD’s for Mac or PC’s with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or QuarkXPress files with a confirming PDF file.
  5. E-mailed Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or QuarkXPress files (preferred) with confirming PDF file.

Note: When submitting artwork via e-mail or on disk, all screen fonts, printer fonts, and graphic source files must be furnished with the layout. Customer must supply confirming PDF or hard copy – scaled laser or ink jet print, etc. – for all digital files supplied by disk or email. For all the details of WCI print and art specifications, please visit us online here.

Q:   My logo or artwork is not very good. Can you fix it?
If your art comes to us in an unusable form (something other than a vector file format) or the art image is broken, fuzzy, scratched, or distorted, that’s the way it will print. If we have to fix bad art or convert a file to the required vector file format, we do so on a time and materials basis. If you have a question as to the suitability of the art you have, email it to [email protected] and we’ll give you an estimate of the cost to fix it.
Q:   Can I get only one carton of product from WCI?
Yes, all WCI products can be purchased by the carton, whether plain or custom printed. Carton quantities vary by product, weight and size, so check our packaging guide.
Q:   Can I rush my order?
Once we have your signed proof, we are anxious to get your order into production. However, much depends on our production schedules. As you can imagine, once an order is placed, everyone wants his or her product as quickly as possible. Provided we have complete information, there are some options to getting your order quicker:

  1. Provided we have your art/logo/copy by noon (CST) on any day Monday through Friday, we can turnaround your proof the same day for an upcharge of $25 (this may require overtime).
  2. Quickship programs are available on all our products. Expedited shipping methods like overnight and second-day delivery are available.
Q:   Will I get exactly the quantity I order?
Yes, you will receive exactly the quantity you ordered.
Q:   What information must I provide on my purchase order?
Your order is ready for processing when we have received all the required elements to successfully manufacture your order: For that we need:

  1. The style of the nonwoven bag you’re ordering
  2. The quantity you want to order
  3. The bag color of the style you selected
  4. The ink color(s) to be printed
  5. The artwork to be printed on the bag

We need to have all the this information before we can process your job. Once we have all the information, you’ll receive a proof of your job within 3 business days. When you return the Proof of Art Form and the Proof Template complete with your signature and date, we’ll send it right into production.

Q:   Why do I have to order 100 bags (one case) minimum?
After a lot of “doing the math”, we figured the optimum minimum order is 100 bags (one case), trying to keep the price as low as we can for you. Running fewer than a hundred bags would cause the price per bag to go through the roof!
Q:   How is the image printed on a Non-Woven bag?
The bags are sewn before we print them. So, we postprint the finished bags using a method called screenprinting, also referred to as “silk screening.” This method is perfectly suited to printing on fabric surfaces and produces a good quality printed image, but there are some things we have to be cognizant of. If a type font is part of the imagery to be printed, it can’t be too small or too thin. The thickness of rule lines or lines that appear as part of a logo or artwork also can’t be too thin. And, if the art or logo has more than one color, how close those colors print to one another is important. This is called registration. Colors that butt to one another need to be carefully “registered”.
The silk screening equipment we use to print these bags is state of the art but there are limitations on how close we can register colors. It’s always best for us to see your logo or art before we can assess the success we’ll have printing your job. We want you to be satisfied! See Graphic standards for more information here.
Q:   Do you guarantee your product?
Yes. We will replace or refund the cost of any misprinted item. However, if our print corresponds to the proof you approved, in the color ink and on the color bag you selected, we cannot offer a refund or replacement. That’s why it’s so important to check the proof carefully for any errors or omissions.
Q:   Can I personalize each item with a different imprint?
Sorry, no. Our minimum order is 100 bags and all must have the identical imprint.
Q:   Will I see a proof before you print my bag order?
Yes. You will see a proof on which you must sign off before we go to print. The proof will show the artwork to be printed, in the size it will be printed, positioned on a Proof Template. Accompanying the proof will be a Proof of Art Form. If the proof is correct, you must sign and return to us before we proceed with your order. Please check the proof over carefully. Your signature on the Proof of Art Form and the Proof Template is our guarantee that you have indeed checked the proof and the information/art contained on it is correct. The proof will be mailed, faxed or emailed to you. Proofs are emailed unless you request otherwise.
Q:   Can a proof be faxed?
Yes. Request a faxed proof on your Purchase Order and please provide the fax number. However, we recommend emailing the proof, as it gives the most accurate display of your layout and the image is more crisp.
Q:   Can a proof be mailed via the Post Office?
Yes. As you can imagine, though, this will slow the process down. This is the least expedient method.
Q:   How can I place an order with WCI?
There are several ways orders can be placed:

Submit orders via email to [email protected].
Mail the order to: Wisconsin Converting Inc, 1689 Morrow Street, Green Bay, WI 54302
Fax the order to: 920-436-4964
Artwork (in vector format) should be emailed to: [email protected] or mailed on a CD.

Q:   How will I know WCI received my purchase order?
We acknowledge each order received either with an e-mail or fax acknowledgement.
Q:   How can I check order status?
Call our friendly Customer Service staff and they will gladly give you an update of your job status. Once an order has been shipped, if sent UPS, shipment status can be checked on-line here.
Q:   Can I obtain quotes from WCI before I become a Distributor?
While you are in the process of applying for Distributor status, we will gladly provide you with quotations of prospective jobs. Once your Application is approved, you will receive a “Welcome Kit” containing our price book.
Q:   Will I see a proof before you print the job?
You will see a proof on a Proof Template which you must sign-off your approval before we go to print. The proof will show the artwork to be printed, positioned on the template of the bag you’ve ordered. The proof will be emailed, faxed or mailed to you for your approval within 3 business days of receipt of your complete order. The proof will not be the actual printed, finished product you’ve ordered.
Q:   Are your products made from recycled paper?
We strive to provide the highest possible recycled content, while maintaining quality for each of our products. Our current recycled content commitment is listed below, but please call us if you need a higher percentage of recycled fiber and we will do our best to accommodate. “Recycled Natural” must be specified on your purchase order to ensure you receive recycled natural paper.

Basis Weight Recycled Content
30#, 35# Recycled Natural 100% Recycled Content (70% Post-Consumer)
40#, 50#, 57# Recycled Natural Minimum 50% Recycled Content (Post- Consumer Varies)
60#, 65#, 70# Recycled Natural Shoppers 100% Recycled Content (95% Post-Consumer)
99#, 126# Eco-Shipper Minimum 50% Recycled Content (Post- Consumer Varies)
Q:   Who should I call with questions on invoices?
Call our Customer Service Representatives at 1-(920) 437-6400 or email at: [email protected]
Q:   What are WCI’s terms?
Once you have been approved by our credit department, you are eligible to receive our standard terms: 1%, 15 days, net 30 days.
Q:   Who can buy products from WCI?
WCI sells our products nationwide and exclusively through distributors. We do not sell to end-users. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our relationships with our valued distributors. Companies wishing to become distributors should request a New Distributor Application by contacting us directly.
Q:   How do I become a Distributor of WCI products?
A Distributor Application form is available on our website. Fill out the application and fax or email it to us. You will be contacted by one of our representatives.
Q:   What’s the lead-time for a custom manufactured and/or custom printed order?
For paper products it is four to six weeks. Machine schedules and availability of paper determine how quickly we can produce the job. The actual deadline can’t be determined until a signed-off proof is received by WCI. Printed non-woven bags are shipped in 10 days from proof approval.

Need a rush? If your customer is on a strict deadline, please call one of our customer service representatives and they will always do their best to meet your needs.

Q:   What are WCI’s printing capabilities?
WCI uses several different printing methods to produce our products. For our paper products we employ flexographic printing, foil stamping and post-printing (flexo). Flexographic printing is done in-line on the bag forming machines and is utilized for all orders over 5,000 pieces. For orders under 5,000, we print pre-formed bags on a post-printing press. Foil stamping is also done on pre-formed bags. For our nonwoven bags we use silk screen. Depending on the product, we print up to four colors. For complete details on printing specification requirements please visit us online here.
Q:   I know WCI specializes in short to medium run bag orders, but can you manufacture large quantities of a specific bag, like hundreds of thousands?
Yes, often times we can be very competitive in the larger quantities. Paper availability, machine-time availability, machine capabilities and your customer’s deadline all factor in our ability to meet your customer’s needs. Please call and let’s discuss your project.
Q:   If I need a stock item shipped the same day I order it, can you accommodate that?
Yes. However, we do charge a small fee for such request. For orders under $250, the fee is $25. Orders over $250, the fee is 10% of the invoice, excluding shipping costs. Orders must be in our hands by 12:00 p.m. the day the product is to be shipped. Please indicate “Rush Charge” on your purchase order.
Q:   I want to order a specific color ink. How do I inform you as to the color I want?
We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to communicate color. The Pantone color book illustrates ink colors on both coated (shiny) and uncoated (dull) paper. Since all the paper we print on is uncoated, be sure to view the uncoated color swatch (indicated by a lower case “u” following the ink number) in the book when making your color selection.
Q:   Does WCI manufacture custom size bags?
Yes. Beyond the wide assortment of stock paper bags, we have the capability to manufacture bags to your size, color and paper requirements. Call us anytime to discuss your needs.
Q:   Can I get a samples of the bags?
Yes. We’re happy to provide samples so you can see first-hand the quality of our product. Contact our Customer Service Dept with your request.
Q:   What are the payment terms?
If you are a distributor with credit established with WCI, our terms are 1%, 15 days, net 30. You may also prepay for the product. Call our Customer Service line at 1-(920) 437-6400 x309 if you wish to prepay.
Q:   Can I pay for product with a credit card?
Orders can be prepaid by check or money order or you can set up an account with our company. We do not accept Credit Card payment.
Q:   What if I need product drop shipped directly to my customer. Can you do it?
Yes, we can. And if you choose, send us the information to be printed on the label so the cartons identify where they came from. We can be anonymous if you like.
Q:   Can you drop ship an order to my customer with my company information on the label and not WCI’s information?
Yes, you have the option of providing labels that we can apply to your order. Or, we can make labels for you.
Q:   How long will it take for my stock order to ship?
We ship stock orders within 48 hours of receipt of your PO.
Q:   How is your product packed?
Unlike most competitors, who bundle wrap their products with a simple poly or paper band, all products we manufacture are carton packed in durable corrugated cartons. This ensures you and your customer receive the products in good, clean condition and the product stays protected once the box is opened.
Q:   Who pays for shipping?
All product is shipped FOB Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302. However, on orders exceeding 175 cartons, shipping is free. In-stock and custom printed products can be combined for the 175 carton minimum for free shipping. Some restrictions apply to certain products. For complete details on Special Delivery requirements, split shipments, and other exceptions please reference the freight section of our price pages.
Q:   What should I do if my product comes in damaged from shipping?
Unfortunately, sometimes damage does occur in shipping. If your shipment comes in damaged, call us immediately and we’ll discuss the best way to take care of the matter. Returns on custom imprinted products cannot be returned for credit without prior approval. Please contact our customer service department concerning quality issues on your order. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted, so please contact us first.