Q:   How long does WCI store customer plates?
We keep customer plates on file for two years. After that they may be discarded. If you would like to have plates returned to you, please contact our customer service team.
Q:   Will I see a proof before you print my bag order?
Prior to printing, you will receive a proof which requires your approval. The proof will display the artwork as it will appear on the final product, including its size and position on the Proof Template. Once you have reviewed the proof and determined that it is correct, please sign the Proof Template and return it to us before we proceed with your order. We recommend that you carefully inspect the proof for accuracy. Your signature on the Proof Template serves as our assurance that you have thoroughly checked the proof and that the artwork and information contained within it are accurate.
Q:   How do I make changes to my proof?
You can print the proof, make the necessary changes on the printed copy, and then rescan and email back to us. Or print a copy of the proof, make the necessary changes on the proof, and email back to us at [email protected]. Remember to sign the proof and get it back to us right away as the lead time begins at time of proof approval.
Q:   How do I send artwork, logos, and copy?
Artwork may be submitted via email to: [email protected] or through the portal.
Q:   I don’t have the artwork in an electronic file form. What do I do?
Scan your art to create an electronic file and email it to us. Please save the scan in pdf format, so that we can easily work with it.
Q:   I don’t have any artwork or logo but have an idea of what I want. Can you take my idea and make the art?
We have graphic artist that can transform your idea into the artwork we need to print your job. Call us to discuss what you want, and we’ll get you a price for creating the artwork. WCI has some limited capabilities to design art, please contact Customer Service, [email protected] to inquire.
Q:   Can you pull my artwork or logo off my website?
Unfortunately, we cannot use web graphics for printing purposes. Web graphics are low resolution images and are not suitable for high-quality printing. If we were to use your web graphics, the resulting printed image would appear fuzzy and pixelated, despite potentially appearing satisfactory on your computer screen. For detailed guidelines on the types of graphics that we can use for printing, please refer to our Graphic Standards documentation.
Q:   What type of art files are acceptable for custom printed jobs?
Since we accept orders via e-mail, fax or delivered mail (USPS, UPS, etc) there are several options available:

  • Adobe Illustrator files (vector format) are preferred, with confirming PDF file. Other file formats (.tif, .jpg, .gif, .eps, .pdf, .doc) are accepted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis for quality and printability.
  • When submitting artwork, all fonts, and graphic source files must be supplied with the layout. Fonts converted to outlines are preferred.
  • Camera ready mechanical or scanned (raster) digital images are accepted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis for quality and printability.

For all the details of WCI print and art specifications, please visit us online here: https://www.wcibags.com/printing-specifications/

Q:   My logo or artwork is not very good. Can you fix it?
If your art comes to us in an unusable form (something other than a vector file format) or the art image is broken, fuzzy, scratched, or distorted, that’s the way it will print. If we must fix bad art or convert a file to the required vector file format, we do so on a time and materials basis. If you have a question as to the suitability of the art you have, email it to [email protected] and we’ll give you an estimate of the cost to fix it.
Q:   I want to order a specific color ink. How do I inform you as to the color I want?
We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to communicate color. The Pantone color book illustrates ink colors on both coated (shiny) and uncoated (matte) paper. Since all the paper we print on is uncoated, be sure to view the uncoated color swatch (indicated by a lower case “u” following the ink number) in the book when making your color selection.
Q:   Can I get only one carton of product from WCI?
Yes, any plain stocked item that WCI carries can be purchased by the carton. Carton quantities vary by product, weight, and size, so check our packaging guide here: https://www.wcibags.com/packaging-guide/
Q:   Can I rush my order?
In most cases, we can expedite your order. Please reach out to our customer service team to confirm whether we can expedite your specific order and to receive information about any additional charges that may apply.
Q:   Will I get exactly the quantity I order?
We strive to provide an exact quantity for every order, however, there is a possibility of a 10% overage or underage.
Q:   What information must I provide on my purchase order?
Your order is ready for processing when we have received all the required elements to successfully manufacture your order, including:

  1. The quantity you want to order
  2. The bag color of the style you selected
  3. The ink color(s) to be printed
  4. The artwork to be printed on the bag
  5. The complete ship to address, and if there are any special freight requirement needs that you know of
  6. Specific order requirements such as ship date, special case pack, etc.

For us to process your job, we require all the necessary information. Once we have received this information, we will send you a proof of your job. Upon receipt of the proof, please sign and date the template and return to [email protected].

Q:   Do you guarantee your product?
We will replace or refund the cost of any misprinted item. However, if our print corresponds to the proof you approved, in the color ink and on the color bag you selected, we cannot offer a refund or replacement. That’s why it’s so important to check the proof carefully for any errors or omissions.
Q:   How can I place an order with WCI?
There are a couple of ways orders can be placed:

  • Submit orders via email to [email protected]
  • Mail the order to: Wisconsin Converting Inc, 1689 Morrow Street, Green Bay, WI 54302
Q:   How will I know WCI received my purchase order?
We acknowledge each order received via email.
Q:   How can I check order status?
Order status can be checked on our Distributor Portal here: https://app.wcibags.com/
Q:   Will I see a press proof before you print the job?
You will not receive a press proof but will receive a digital proof. Digital proofs can have slight variations in color density or clarity.
Q:   Are your products made from recycled paper?
We are committed to reducing our environmental impact while still maintaining the quality of our products. As part of this commitment, we aim to incorporate the highest possible amount of recycled content into each of our products. While we are proud to disclose our current level of recycled content, we are always willing to work with you to achieve a higher percentage of recycled fiber. If you require a specific level of recycled content, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • Recycled Natural Merchandise, SOS & Hardware
    • 100% Recycled Content (100% Post-Consumer)
  • White, Glassine, Grease-Resistant White, Grease-Resistant Natural
    • No recycled content (100% virgin)
    • Note: these products are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Recycled Natural Shoppers
    • 100% Recycled Content (95% Post-Consumer)
  • White Shoppers
    • No Recycled Content (100% virgin)
  • Eco-Natural® and Eco-Natural Lite®
    • 100% Recycled Content (min. 90% post-Consumer)
  • Eco-Shipper®
    • Minimum 50% Recycled Content
  • Dura-Bag®
    • No recycled content (100% virgin)
    • Non-recyclable due to fiberglass reinforcements
Q:   Who should I contact with questions on invoices?
Email Customer Service at [email protected]
Q:   What are WCI’s terms?
Once you have been approved by our credit department, you are eligible to receive our standard terms; net 30 days.
Q:   Who can buy products from WCI?
WCI sells our products nationwide and exclusively through distributors. We do not sell to end-users. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our relationships with our valued distributors. Companies wishing to become distributors should request a New Distributor Application by contacting us directly.
Q:   How do I become a Distributor of WCI products?
A Distributor Application form is available on our website here: https://www.wcibags.com/new-distributor-application/
Q:   What’s the lead-time for a custom manufactured and/or custom printed order?
Check our real-time estimated lead times here: https://www.wcibags.com/lead-times/
Q:   What are WCI’s printing capabilities?
WCI uses several different printing methods to produce our products. For our paper products we employ flexographic printing, foil stamping and post-printing (flexo). Flexographic printing is done in-line on the bag forming machines and is utilized for all orders over 5,000 pieces. For orders under 5,000, we print pre-formed bags on a post-printing press. Foil stamping is also done on pre-formed bags. Depending on the product, we print up to three colors. For complete details on printing specification requirements please visit us online here: https://www.wcibags.com/printing-specifications/
Q:   I know WCI specializes in short to medium run bag orders, but can you manufacture large quantities of a specific bag, like hundreds of thousands?
From Cases to Truckloads, we strive to provide competitive pricing for larger quantities. Our ability to meet your customer’s needs depends on several factors, such as paper availability, machine-time availability, machine capabilities, and your customer’s deadline. Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your project and see how we can help you. Learn more at: https://www.wcibags.com/product-information/
Q:   If I need a stock item shipped the same day I order it, can you accommodate that?
We do offer rush orders, but please note that a fee will be charged to accommodate such requests. For orders below $250, there is a flat fee of $25, while for orders exceeding $250, the fee will be 10% of the invoice amount, exclusive of shipping costs. Kindly ensure that we receive your order by 12:00 p.m. on the day the product is to be shipped and indicate “Rush Charge” on your purchase order.
Q:   Does WCI manufacture custom size bags?
Yes. Beyond the wide assortment of stock paper bags, we have the capability to manufacture bags to your size, color, and paper requirements. Call us anytime to discuss your needs.
Q:   Can I get a samples of the bags?
Bag samples are free of charge, however, there is a shipping/ handling fee:

  • $5 for smaller size and/or quantity of samples that ship via USPS (SOS or Merchandise Bags). No tracking available if USPS.
  • $20 for larger bag and/or quantity of samples that ship via UPS Ground (mailers, handled shoppers, large merchandise bags).

*The fee can be avoided if you provide your own UPS Ground or FedEx Account Number for shipping.
*FedEx fee waived only for samples.

Q:   What are the payment terms?
Once you have been approved by our credit department, you are eligible to receive our standard terms; net 30 days.
Q:   Can I pay for product with a credit card?
Orders can be prepaid by check, money order, ACH payment or you can apply with WCI for open credit. We do accept Credit Card payments with a 3% processing fee.
Q:   What if I need product drop shipped blind directly to my customer. Can you do it?
We can ship directly to your customers, but we are unable to ship blind due to carrier contracts.
Q:   Can you drop ship an order to my customer with my company information on the label and not WCI’s information?
We do offer an additional service where you have the option of providing labels to us that can be applied to your order for a fee.
Q:   How long will it take for my stock order to ship?
Please get in touch with our Customer Service team to obtain an estimated Turnaround Time (TAT) based on your specific order quantity and specifications.
Q:   How is your product packed?
Unlike most competitors, who bundle wrap their products with a simple poly or paper band, all products we manufacture are carton packed in durable corrugated cartons. This ensures you and your customer receive the products in good, clean condition and the product stays protected once the box is opened.
Q:   Who pays for shipping?
All stock and custom orders FOB plant of manufacture. Freight, special handling, and additional charges not included. Additional freight charges incurred after original invoice will be billed separately. Shipments to foodservice distribution centers must be routed via distributor or customer carrier – WCI carriers are unable to route these shipments.
Q:   What should I do if my product comes in damaged from shipping?
Product may be returned within 60 days with approval and a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from WCI. Restocking fees may apply. After 60 days, only defective product will be considered for return/replacement. If you (or your customer) receive damaged or missing merchandise, please follow the procedure below to receive credit or replacement goods:

  • Immediately take pictures of the damaged cartons and/or pallets (before handling) and actual product (bags) upon receipt. For UPS shipments, photo of each label(s) showing tracking number required with photos of damaged or missing product. If shrink wrap appears to be damaged for LTL, note this on the POD and take a picture. Carriers require this for claims.
  • The delivery receipt MUST be signed with the quantity of damaged cartons noted, missing product, or if shrink wrap is intact. If you are unwilling or unable to store the damaged merchandise until a claim has been processed (within 120 days) please refuse the damaged merchandise.
  • Call (800) 544-1935 within 2 business days of receipt to notify one of our representatives of the incident. They will assist in processing a claim, issue a Return Material Authorization number (RMA), and issue credit or replacement.

Failure to follow these procedures will result in failure to receive credit or delay in processing. Replacement cartons will be sold at cost – unless damaged upon receipt can be proven and claims are being processed.