We will do production runs of custom bag sizes just for you

Are your small to medium-size customers looking for a cost-effective way to promote their business? We can help! With our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, printed bags from WCI mean your customer will never again have to settle for a plain, brown bag. One-case minimums on custom-printed product mean you can now provide personalized packaging solutions for customers of any size. WCI offers an array of printing options:

Flexographic Printing On quantities of 5m or more on standard sizes, we offer up to 4-color spot printing (printing capabilities vary by bag size and type).

Post-Printing Post printing gives you the flexibility to serve customers with quantities that truly meet their needs. Gone are the days of prohibitive minimum orders. One-case minimums on standard sizes allow small customers the ability to promote themselves through custom packaging and give larger customers the option of creating specialized holiday or promotional packaging for anniversaries or other special occasions.

Hot Stamping An upscale customization option that gives customers a unique way to make their brand image stand out in the crowd. Available with a one-case minimum order, hot stamping is perfect for boutiques, spas, weddings, special events and other opportunities when customers need an attractive and cost-effective way to get their message across.