We offer solutions for your customers' needs

At WCI we say “You Provide the Challenge, We’ll Provide the Solution” – and we mean it. If your customer doesn’t see a size or color that meets their needs, we’ll be happy to work with you to find a packaging solution for them. We offer a variety of customization options that may be helpful for your specialty customers:

Custom Sizes

Because we manufacture most products in our facility, we have the ability to create custom sizes for most bag types. We’ve created custom bag sizes for candy shops, napkin bags, pizza shops, shipping bags and more. Call our CSR team today to discuss a custom size that will fit your customer’s needs. How we’ve helped other customers with a custom bag size.

Custom Color

Our flexographic printing capabilities mean we can create a custom bag color by tinting our standard paper to a color of your choosing. So, if our array of stock color doesn’t give your customer the specialized look they desire, please call our CSR team to find out more about custom tinting. Or, ask about providing your own paper and having it converted into bags. How we’ve helped other customers with a custom color.

Specialty Paper

Our machines have the capability to convert many weights and grades of paper into bags. We have manufactured bags using glassine, grease-resistant paper, laminated papers, clay-coated paper, heavy-weight paper, linerboard, and more. Call today to find out more about our ability to convert specialty papers and how they can help your customer. How one customer sent us specialty paper that we converted into cookie bags.


If your customer is looking for a bag that will showcase the product inside the bag, ask us about window-panel SOS bags. Call today for availability and minimums.

Paper/Poly Duplex Bags

Our SOS machines have the ability to construct a bag with an outer layer of paper with a poly lining to provide grease resistance. Call today for availability and minimums.