According to recent reports, there are now an estimated 49 million Americans affected by plastic bag legislation. A statewide ban on plastic bags has been passed in California – and many new cities and counties are moving toward similar legislation. The goal of these laws is to encourage stores and patrons to switch to reusable or more easily recycled bags – like paper.

WCI is your source for recycled paper bags and eco-friendly shipping and mailing bags. Our recycled natural merchandise and SOS bags meet or exceed the minimum 40% post-consumer requirements and are 100% recyclable. We also offer handled shopping bags that are in full compliance with bag legislation. This is important to distributors located in areas impacted by these laws, but also to any distributor who sells online and/or services businesses requiring compliant bags.

To more effectively serve the growing number of our customers affected by bag legislation and to be compliant in areas requiring such information, WCI will be updating the bottom turnover logo printed on all recycled natural merchandise and SOS bags we produce. This new bottom turnover information will be printed on stock recycled natural and custom/printed recycled natural bags.

Effective January 1, 2015 all recycled natural product manufactured at WCI will be imprinted with the following on the bottom turnover:

Please note:

  1. Current stock, post-printed, and hot stamped product will be transitioned to the new bottom turnover information as it is sold and restocked.
  2. All new printed bags will be printed with this information unless specifically requested on your purchase order not to print the recycled bottom turnover. For custom printed orders, the bottom turnover will be printed in black whenever possible, or in the darkest available color to maximize readability.
  3. All repeat prints without copy changes will remain as they were (with or without a bottom turnover logo) – until such a time that copy is changed per customer request. If you would like the new turnover information on your recycled natural printed bags, please request it on your purchase order and you will be sent a proof for approval before your order is scheduled.

For more information on bag legislation: