Providing solutions for a variety of industries

From online retailers seeking sturdy mailers for shipping product, retailers needing merchandise bags, or bakeries and restaurants looking for grease-resistant take-out bags – WCI has the perfect packaging solution. One-case minimums on in-stock and custom-printed product means we can serve customers of any size in a variety of markets, including:

Product Categories

Whether it’s for a fine dining establishment, fast food, bakery, concession, or family restaurant, our food service bags fill a variety of needs. Our grease resistant papers are the optimal choice for packing pastries as well as burgers. Gourmet bags are perfect for candy, cookies, loose tea, or spices. Pinch bottom or lunch style bags come in a variety of sizes and colors to represent your unique business.

Filling prescriptions requires care to detail and discretion. Our pharmacy bags can be custom designed with information for your patients as well as contact information, to serve as an additional way to ensure your pharmacy clients are reassured and equipped with important information. We carry a wide variety of sizes and colors for hospital, lab, pharmacy, and dispensary use.

In retail, your bag is an extension of marketing. A crisp, clean bag filled with purchased treasures reminds customers of their shopping experience. Whether you need packaging for clothing, merchandise, hardware, or groceries, we have an array of bags to fit your specific business need.

When it comes to e-commerce, your shipping package is your customers’ first impression of how well you have fulfilled their order. Our shipping solutions include 100% recycled solutions for soft items, and durable fiber-reinforced bags for tougher items. They require less warehouse space than boxes and can be customized with your logo or design.