Sani-Liner® paper trash can liner

Sani-Liner® trash can liner is constructed of 40# wet strength, water-resistant paper and a specially designed adhesive pinch bottom to ensure strength and durability.

The unbleached, natural kraft paper is porous which allows for ”breathability”. This feature has special applications in mental health care facilities, reducing the risk of suffocation fatalities due to plastic trash can liners. Sani-Liner® has been medically tested – and found to pose no threat to patient health and safety.

Sani-Liner® has been designed to roll over the top of the wastebasket without tearing and provide all the properties of a trashcan liner. This retains the intended labor savings versus the alternative of having to scrub trash containers frequently. Sani-Liner® is not waterproof thus it cannot be used as a suicide tool for purposes of suffocation. It is, however, water-resistant and maintains its integrity if damp materials are placed inside.

WCI developed the Sani-Liner® product in 1991 in response to behavioral health needs.

Sani-Liner® is available in the two most popular trashcan sizes:
14 quart (12 x 8 x 14) and 27 quart (17 x 9 x 17).

Custom sizes are also available.

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WTK – Wet Strength Kraft

Size Stock
14 Quart 12 x 8 x 14 WTK 40# 250 16#
27 Quart 17 x 9 x 17 WTK 40# 250 25#

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