In true Midwestern fashion, Spring in Green Bay lasted all of two weeks. We had 20 inches of snow the third week in April, and now it’s 80 degrees and sunny. Summer means outdoor fun and events like carnivals, fairs, and festivals. The biggest state fair in the United States is the State Fair of Texas which sees about 3.5 million visitors over its four week run.  It’s also famous for its food creations like last year’s deep fried chicken noodle soup on a stick and deep fried fruit loops. How you deep fry soup? I guess we’ll have to go to Texas to find out!

concession supplies - printed hot dog bag

Concession food is a big part of any summer festival, and it’s definitely moved beyond cotton candy and funnel cakes. It’s often the reason many people attend, so fairs and festivals have really upped their “unique” food game over the past several years. Here are some interesting food creations you can find at fairs around the country:



  • Montana State Fair: deep fried butter balls. I wonder if Paula Deen knows.
  • pickles, kool-aid
    Yes. Those are pickles, soaking in Kool-Aid.

    Massachusetts State Fair: Fried jelly beans. Think funnel cake and Easter candy rolled into one.

  • Wisconsin State Fair: Elvis on a stick. Just what you think it is – banana battered peanut butter cup and bacon, fried.
  • North Carolina State Fair: Kool-Aid pickles. Yep – they soak pickles in bug juice.
  • Orange County Fair: Deep fried White Castle burgers. Because that sodium-laced sammy wasn’t heart attack inducing ENOUGH.
  • Oklahoma State Fair: Deep fried mashed potatoes on a stick. I can’t even begin to imagine the engineering to get that to work.
  • Arizona State Fair: Sauteed meal worms.  Before you say, “ew,” sometimes they stick them to candy apples.

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