Mask Stored in a Paper Bag

Reusing paper bags isn’t a new practice – but as we enter the Covid-19 “new normal”, reusing retail and carryout bags to store masks at home is a new way to extend the use of the bag. And for businesses who purchase custom printed bags, to extend their marketing message.

A look at how paper bags for mask storage can benefit consumers and businesses:


Paper bags are encouraged by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the storage and protection of personal protection equipment (PPE) like masks. Learn more about why paper bags are useful in the storage of masks on our recent blog post.

Using a paper bag to store your mask can prevent cross-contamination and keeps them organized and easy to identify. Labeling bags with your name can help ensure family members don’t inadvertently use each others’ masks.

Current research indicates that Covid-19 germs can remain on masks for up to a week. Recommendations are to wash or discard after each use – or to have a mask for each day of the week to reduce your risk of infection. If you have a mask for each day of the week, simply write the days on the bag to ensure you always have your mask ready for the day as you head out to work or running errands.

Did we mention it’s free and eco-friendly? You’re receiving bags from restaurants and shops you’ve visited as part of your purchase – so reusing the bag has no cost to you and it can easily be composted or recycled when you’re finished with it.


As your customers leave your retail, pharmacy, or food establishment you give them a paper bag. Your custom printed bag may already include a “reuse this bag” message. After all, paper bags are repurposed for gifts, crafts, and other purposes.

Have you considered adding a “Reuse this Bag to Store Your Covid-19 Masks” note to your graphics? It may just encourage customers to hang on to that bag at home and at work. If the bag has your logo on it, that means not only is the bag lasting but so are your logo and brand message. For the cost of a printing plate – you can increase the number of times your marketing message is seen and boost your brand awareness.

Next time you order custom printed bags, consider adding a “reuse this bag” tagline to extend your brand awareness.