Christmas sales have ended and many retailers are looking to kick off the New Year with strong sales in January and February. As soon as the “Big Guy” rides off in his sleigh, retailers are stocking the shelves with cupids and candies and hearts. Valentine’s Day has become a significant retail holiday, bringing in a record high of nearly $19 billion in 2015. If your inquiring mind wants to know, here is a breakdown we found for Valentine’s Day sales on popular romantic gifts:

  • $52.2 million – Flowers
  • $50 million – Jewelry
  • $38.3 million – Apparel/Clothing
  • $18.6 million – Specialty Gifts
  • $7.1 million – Restaurants
  • $1.2 million – Salons and Spas

Want more Valentine’s Day statistics? Check out this link.

All of those industries use bags to package their cards, jewelry, and other small items. And our colorful, stock paper merchandise bags and SOS bags can still ship in time for retailers to receive them for holiday sales.

Record sales means that, now more than ever, retailers need to ramp up their packaging supply in January. Unlike Christmas where consumers may spend time researching and purchasing items online, Valentine’s Day sales are often done at the local level and may be last-minute purchases from small businesses who utilize small paper bags and handled shopping bags.

Valentine Bags

When it comes to Valentine’s Day packaging, many retail and food-service businesses utilize our colorful, well-constructed paper bags ready for printing or foil stamping. Many small retailers, Etsy retailers, candy shops and bakeries buy plain bags and hand stamp or decorate them for a personal touch. For larger retailers doing special promotions during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day (or any time of year), WCI offers small-quantity personalized bags printed and foil stamped paper bags in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Customers can still order festive paper bags in time for Valentine’s Day treats and gifts. Popular choices for this romantic holiday include:

  • Paper Merchandise and SOS bags for jewelry shops, boutiques, and retail shops.
  • Colorful paper bags in traditional Valentine’s colors like petal pink, wild rose, cream, purple, and red. Studies have shown that nearly 65% of shoppers believe that holiday candy and gifts should feature seasonal packaging colors (like red or pink).
  • Grease-resistant and attractive gourmet bags for soaps, candies, cookies and baked goods.
  • Hot stamped or printed bags in quantities as low as one case.
  • We also offer attractive Paper mailers for online retailers and stores who ship product to loved ones across the miles.

From one case to truckloads, WCI can provide attractive and cost-effective packaging options for any size retailer or food service customer. Call our customer service team today at (920) 437-6400 to find out how you can still have bags in time for Valentine’s Day sales.