Estimates show that nearly five   Putting non-recyclable items in the recycle bin contaminates the recycling stream and clogs up machines at processing plants.

Want to know what’s really recyclable and what’s not? Here are some quick tips to keep your recycling game on-point this holiday season:


  • Non-laminated paper-based wrapping paper
  • Pre-recycled wrapping paper or paper gift bags
  • Hint: use the “scrunch test.” If you squish wrapping paper into a ball and it remains a ball, go ahead and recycle it. If it pops back out, toss it in the trash.

NOT Recyclable:

  • Tissue paper
  • Bows & Ribbons
  • Metallic or glittered wrapping paper

To reduce your impact on the environment during the holidays it’s always a good idea to wrap in recycled paper wrapping including paper handled shopping bags, merchandise bags, and SOS bags. Add hand stamps, paint, or decorate with removable embellishments like candy canes or gift tags to personalize them. If you must have glittery ribbons or bows, try to use things that are reusable or can be re-purposed.