Take a close look at these two colors. Would you say they are the same?

Guess what – they are the same color. They are both Pantone number 185. The only difference is one is 185 C and one is 185 U– “C” for coated, and “U” for uncoated.

Ink colors can look very different depending on whether the paper they are printed on is coated or uncoated. Coated paper has a glossy, shiny appearance and doesn’t allow the ink to permeate into the paper. This keeps the ink color very saturated. Uncoated paper will absorb the ink, and in the process, can diffuse the color.  Here are some other examples:


WCI uses exclusively U or uncoated colors when printing bags. 

If you send in a purchase order and list ink colors as C or coated colors, we will return the purchase order to you with a request to select a U or uncoated color. It’s evident why this is important to know, from the examples show in this post. We don’t want your customer to get a color they don’t expect, or to delay the order process by guessing what your customer is expecting.

When you request an ink color for your bag, we offer you an ink drawdown. The drawdown is an example of what the ink will look like on the exact paper your bags will be made from. We create ink drawdowns for this specific reason – we use uncoated ink colors, and we want you to be sure your bags will look the way your customers want them to, once they are printed with their design and chosen colors.

Be sure your customers understand what the difference is between coated and uncoated ink colors. Please send in your purchase orders referencing U Pantone ink colors only. Always give them an ink drawdown if you or they are unsure how their design will look once printed. It’s an important distinction, and we want to ensure your customers are happy with the final product.