Environmentally-conscious online retailers have used WCI paper shipping bags to ship clothing, accessories, books, games, fabric samples, sporting goods, coffee, and other items nationwide since 1989. They’re field tested and retailer-approved for protection during shipping while minimizing your impact on the environment. Made from heavyweight linerboard, Eco-Shipper® and Eco-Natural® are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Recyclable paper mailers can be part of an upscale, branded packaging experience that showcases your commitment to the environment. With many standard sizes and and up to 3-color custom print, they’re a great fit for almost any item sold online.

But what if it rains?

Customers often ask if our paper shipping bags are waterproof. No they’re not. The bag is supposed to break down shortly after it’s served its purpose. Why would we mess with that? 

Scientists estimate that a paper bag will break down in 1-2 months, depending on its environment. Plastic bags are estimated at 500-1000 years because scientists haven’t been able to accurately measure the length of time for a plastic bag to completely biodegrade.

We manufacture Eco-Shipper® and Eco-Natural® shipping bags with paper strong enough to hold up well during mailing, UPS, or FedEx shipping. They’re made to effectively deliver the contents to their destination (and a return trip, if needed). Like a cardboard box, they will even hold up if sitting on your customer’s porch in a rain storm. But they’re not made to last 500 years, because that’s just unnecessary.  

Why not coat them to make them waterproof?

  • Waterproof coatings would prevent the bag from biodegrading quickly and render them non-compostable.
  • Coatings or additives would require additional costs. That increases your cost per bag (decreasing your profits).
  • Coatings are overkill. Nearly 100% of the time, the contents inside the mailer are pre-wrapped in plastic or another type of packaging to prevent damage in storage and handling. That layer of protection carries through should the paper shipping bag become damp during rain or incur any damage during shipping.

If you’re looking for a shipping bag that will last 500 years, paper mailers are definitely not your “bag.” But if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, attractive, and affordable way to ship your product from point A to point B, consider making the switch to paper.

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