Need a “custom quote”?  Not finding what you’re looking for in our Price Book?

Wisconsin Converting has one of the most extensive stock bag inventories of any bag manufacturer.  However, as customers are always coming up with new and interesting uses for bags, sometimes even our wide-ranging selection of stock products may not fit their needs.  They may need something larger or smaller, heavier or lighter, one color or three colors, flat or gusseted….you get the picture. You see, we have the capability of making literally thousands of variations of paper bags and mailers.

So, we’ll be happy to get you a custom quote.  But, in order to expedite your quote and to insure we get you an accurate price we need some precise information from you.

Here’s what we need to know:

  1. The quantity.  Please query the customer about their real quantity needs.  Asking us to quote on 5M to one million bags tells us the customer is “fishing.”
  2. The type of bag.  An SOS? A pinch bottom (merchandise)? A mailer?  If a mailer, do they want a Peel and Seal closure?
  3. The size of bag.  Is it a stock size or custom size?  Regardless, what are the dimensions (indicated in inches in the following manner: width x gusset x height).  If an SOS bag, it’s helpful to use the standard # designation, i.e. 2#, 4#, 6#, etc. Does your customer need the exact size – or is our closest standard acceptable?
  4. The paper.  The paper color? The basis weight? Is it Kraft, is it grease-resistant or a wet-strength paper?  Do they want a special non-stock paper?
  5. Printed or plain.  If printed, how many colors?  Printed one side or two?  If the bag is gusseted, is there printing in the gussets?  Printing in the gussets makes it a two-side printed bag.
  6. Ink color/foil color.  Is the ink selected from our list of stock ink colors or are they special PMS blends? If a special PMS blend there is a $50 per color charge.  Ten percent is added to the total print cost for our standard metallic inks.  Is the foil from our stock color offering or is it a special order foil? An upcharge may apply for special order foils.
  7. Percentage of ink coverage.  How much of the bag surface is covered by ink?  Less than 25%?  40%? 75%?  We need to know this to determine the cost of the printing plates, if the coverage will impact run speeds on the bag making equipment (especially if there is printing in the gussets), and the amount of ink needed to complete the job – particularly true for special PMS blends that must be mixed.  If you are uncertain about the ink coverage and you have an existing bag send us a picture.  Or, send us the art and we’ll determine the coverage.
  8. Carton pack.  Our Price Book Packaging Guide specifies the carton pack for all stock bag sizes.  However, if a different carton pack is required please let us know.  Special carton packing requests may require a made-to-order carton.
  9. Shipping.  If the quote qualifies for free shipping, then freight is FOB Delivered.  If not, and you wish a freight quote please indicate the city and zip code to which the product is to be shipped.  If it is a residence and requires a lift-gate, and/or inside delivery, let us know that as well.
  10. Price. If this is a bag previously manufactured by another vendor, do you have an idea of what the customer paid for it?  If it’s a new bag does the customer have a budget for the project?  If we know this information we can possibly offer options to keep the project within the budget.

The more information you can provide us, the more accurate and useful the quote we can provide you. Please use this helpful “cheat sheet” to help request your next custom quote!

Download the Cheat Sheet!