Online Distributor Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor of Wisconsin Converting Inc. As one of our distributors, you’re in good company. Through more than twenty years, we’ve developed close relationships with more than 1,400 packaging distributors in the United States and Canada. We welcome you to our family.

Before you begin distributing our products, we ask that you please complete the attached credit application. Please complete this form in its entirety. We cannot proceed with the application process if the form is incomplete. Having all the requested information will expedite the process.

Once again, welcome to Wisconsin Converting. We look forward to a great partnership. Don’t hesitate to call our customer service team at (920) 593-8297 x309 if there is anything we can help with.

Application FAQs

  • If I am not a distributor can I purchase from WCI?
    • Sorry, Wisconsin Converting sells only through approved distributors. If you are interested in purchasing our products, call (920) 593-8297. We will recommend a distributor in your area from whom you can purchase our products.
  • I am a Packaging Distributor wanting to establish credit with WCI. How do I do this?
    • If you are currently a distributor of packaging products, we encourage you to fill out the application so we can begin working with you a soon as possible. Please complete all the information we request on the application form. Doing so will expedite the application process. Our credit terms are Net 30. Your credit limit will be established upon receipt of the first order.
  • I am a Packaging Distributor interested only in pre-paying for product. Does this form pertain to me?
    • If you are currently a distributor of packaging products but wanting only to purchase product on a prepaid basis, please call (920) 593-8297 or email us in regards to your inquiry.
  • I am a new business setting up a distributorship and looking to sell WCI products. Where do I start?
    • We welcome this opportunity to work with you. Please call (920) 593-8297 Ext. 336 or email us of your interest and we will contact you.

Filling Out the Application

For faster processing of your application, please fill out ALL addresses and accounts where required. This application must be completely filled out in order to begin processing. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

All fields are required in the first 6 sections:


Please return completed form via fax (920) 436-4964 or email [email protected]