Many people enjoy bread as a staple food, and bakers have several packaging options available.

WCI believes that paper bread bags are superior for bakeries for several reasons:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Paper bread bags are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, as well as made from sustainable and renewable resources. This makes them an environmentally friendly option. Paper is a porous material that allows air circulation. This helps prevent moisture from being trapped in the bag and causing bread to mold quickly.
Paper bread bags available from Wisconsin Converting, Inc.
Eco-friendly and sustainable paper bread packaging.
  • Printing Capabilities: The premium quality paper we use and printing capabilities we have allow bakers to print their ingredient lists, labeling, and promotional information. This is a great way for bakeries to brand their products and showcase their unique selling proposition.
  • Customization Options: WCI manufacture’s paper bags for many sizes and styles of bread for restaurants, bakers, grocery stores throughout the United States. Low minimums on standard sizes mean local bakeries can take advantage of the same packaging options as larger businesses. Flexible size capabilities mean commercial bakers can create a custom packaging program for their entire product line.
  • Popular Sizes: The most popular custom bread bags are the 4.5×2.5×24 (French Bread / Baguette) and 5x2x18 (Sub / Hoagie), as well as the 11x6x17 flat-bottom SOS (Multi-Loaf Bag). Stock bag sizes are available with one case minimums and include the 5x2x16 (Sub) and 5×3.5×18 (Italian Bread) bags.

At WCI, we take pride in manufacturing high-quality paper bread bags that are environmentally friendly and customizable. Paper bread bags are perfect for any bakery, and we believe they’re the best choice for those looking to package their bread in an attractive and sustainable way. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself.

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